What products do you sell?

  • We currently sell mugs, greeting cards and pencils, with more products being added in the near future (currently in the testing phase for candle, wax melts, and room sprays!)

Are your designs on your mugs permanent?

  • Yes! We use a high quality permanent ink which is gassed into the coating of our mugs, which means it cannot be removed. This will be the same for any drinkware that is introduced in the future.

Can I put my mugs in the dishwasher?

  • Yes! This is one of the best parts about a permanent design ... its safe to not only go in the dishwasher, but the microwave as well. We know that there's plenty of people who need to heat up their coffee several times in the morning, so that was a feature we knew needed to be a thing! 

The design on my mug doesn't look exactly like the picture. It's a bit bigger/smaller than what I saw on the website.

  • The reason why some images may appear slightly bigger/smaller is because in order to load all the options we have available in a professional manner, we create mockups. In other words, we take a picture of a mug, and then place our designs over top and save it as an image. Without this method, we'd have to create one of every single design! 
  • To see pictures of our mugs in action, visit our Instagram page @mimi.beardesigns!

The colour of the design seems a bit off of what I saw on the website. 

  • Please keep in mind that when looking at a photo on your computer/cell phone, it can appear slightly different due to the monitor/screen settings.



We are not currently offering custom designs. 



    If you're interested in a wholesale order, please contact me at! If you're already on Faire, you can find me there as well!